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1- Should i wash my hair before a service?

A: It doesnt matter, as long as your hair isnt crazy dirty, meaning full of product ie: oil, hairspray ETC.

(if your coming in for an extension bump only , please come with clean hair)

'2- When should i make a consultation? Are they Free?

A: If your a new client, if you havent had a phone, Instagram or text consult. 

(color corrections, Extensions always a require a Consult)

3- How much is ___________ Service?

A; Price is Determined based on Hair Length, Technique. Time and Amount Product used. you can also refer to the Pricing page on for starting prices.

4- I want to Book, Reschedule or cancel my appointment. How?

A: You Can do so online by clicking the appointments link. Please make sure your booking the appropriate appointment for the service your needing. Not Sure What to book, book an consultation.

5- How do i take care of my extensions?

A; Refer to the after care page.

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